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Naran Kaghan Trip | Shogran Siri Paye | Travel Pakistan -

Naran Kaghan 

 In 'Amazing Naran Series, I'll take you to Kaghan Valley. Shogran and Siri Paey are the most famour tourist spots of Kaghan Valley. Kaghan is 260km far from Islamabad. For Shogran and Siri Paey, you have to turn right from Kiwai, 37km before Naran. 
Naran Kaghan

Assalam o Alaikum, new episode of Grip on Trip, new journey which is of Naran this time. We will cover Shogran, Siri Paey and Saif ul Malook. We may not be able to visit Jalkhad, Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top as the road might be in bad condition due to land sliding, last month. But we must visit Shogran, Siri Paey and Saif ul Malook I am at Mansehra bypass which offers city view. We stopped here to get a sheet cover for our vehicle. 

Naran Pakistan

Weather is pleasant and sunshine is not disturbing. We were enjoying city view from here. Mansehra bypass is a great blessing and you must use it because you get stuck if you enter Mansehra city. You also stuck on bypass but it is comparatively better. I have reached Balakot, a major city of Mansehra region. After Naran, Kaghan, river Kunhar flows through the city of Mansehra and merges into River Jehlum. I am at Balakot bridge.

 The brakes of our vehicles are not working properly, we have to ascend to Shogran so the driver has gone to fix the brakes. Balakot is a big city which was demolished to a great extent in 2005 earthquake. The city is almost new built. We will reach Kiwai in 40 minutes and then we will go to Shogran. We have to look for a hotel in Shogran and we have planned to visit Siri Paye today. Balakot offers beautiful scene in the midst of lush green mountains. Balakot is lucky that great personality like Syed Ahmad Shaheed was born here. 
Naran Kaghan 

Your real trip starts as you cross famous Balakot bridge. Scene changes suddenly and river Kunhar starts flowing at the level of the road and sometimes goes so deep. If it disappears, it makes its presence felt by its noise. It is considered the busiest tourist road of Pakistan. Kiwai is 23km away from Balakot which takes an hour. Kiwai itself is a big picnic spot. You turn right to reach Shogran which is 7.5km away. The update is that the road which leads to Shogran from Kiwai is 7.5km long and this vehicle cannot reach there. It used to reach previously but the road is depleted. It is an Auto vehicle so we are not taking chance. I have consulted with some locals and they have advised me to hire a jeep as our vehicle can cause issue on our way back. For the safer end, we will shift our luggage into jeeps and will go to 7.5km up to Shogran. We have booked a hotel there. If you are not an expert driver, do not take chance. Road is high and dangerous. Jeep charges Rs.1500. It'll take you to Shogran in 35 to 40 minutes.

 Most of the tourists park their vehicles at Kawai and hire jeeps. That red and orange resort is Chinar Resort. It is Sharaan Forest point. That zigzag road is jeep track. Jeep takes you from Paras to Chinar Resort in 2 hours. You can book it online, they have a Facebook page. Musa Ka Musalla track starts from this point. Those clouds on right side are over Musa Ka Musalla. It is on equal height of Paey. Shogran is very beautiful spot of Kaghan Valley.

Kaghan Valley

 It is known for its weather and natural beauty. Shogran offers views of unbelievably beautiful places like Musa Ka Musalla, Siri Paey and Sharaan. That's why lawns of all hotels of Shogran are so vast so that tourist may enjoy the scenes of these places. You can find a room from Rs.3000 to Rs.25000. There's TDCP motel as well, you've to book in advance. Mobile signals and jeeps are available anytime. I have reached Shogran from Kiwai in 25 minutes. The plan is to visit Siri Paey and road is rough tough. It will take almost 45 minutes. We have limited time. Because it's 3 o'clock and we have to reach there and then move forward to the point. So we are in a hurry. Siri Paey is not too far but it is rough and tough very dangerous route. Shogran is situated on a height of 7,750 feet and Siri Paey is about 10,032 feet high. It means we have to travel towards height now. We are going from Shogran to Siri Paey. This video must be telling you the state of the road, I think I don't need tell you myself. Jeep track is of 45 minutes. We are near Siri now. We will reach Paey after 20 minutes. We are very hungry so we will have food first as we have little time of 2 to 2.30 hours and we have to reach Paey and have food. We'll return before (dusk) Inshallah. You have to travel through jungle where monkeys and leopards live which are seen by the tourists sometimes. There are many restaurants of good food where jeep drops you in Paey. Washroom and tent village are also available but no hotel is there. After tracking 15 to 20 minutes, you find this view after crossing those trees and peak which I showed you. I have reached Paey after a hard and difficult journey. Journey was troublesome but the sight of destination has compensated it well. Subhan Allah! What a beautiful scene it is! That is Shogran in front of us. Those are TDCP Resorts and Pine Park Hotels. I hope you can see them. There were many hotels where jeep dropped us. This is a beautiful flowery place with pin-drop silence. We will walk to 10 to 15 minutes more and we will find a tiny lake there. What you can see behind me is a beautiful tiny lake which is called 'Paey Lake.' It should not be called a lake because if Saif ul Malook. Kachora, Sadpara get to know about it, they will mind it. It is 10,500 feet above sea level. A little walk has left me out of breath. On this height it'll take time to stable. Your are watching a small lake of Paey behind me. Allah's beautiful nature is spread all around and it is providing tranquility and peace to soul. Quietness has added to the feeling of calmness. You can hear the sound of animals' grazing grass. People who say Pakistan is not in shortage of artists, look here, some artist has exhibited his art. Rather it seems to be an art of some heart broken artist.

 I walked for 5 minutes and reached Paey Meadows. Cows and goats are grazing and the bell around their necks is creating an amazing sound in pin drop silence. A crow's caw touches your ears after some time. Locals were playing cards, I asked them that why here is no rush of people, they told me that when schools start, season comes to an end. Now it is dead end, I will return from this point. It is 5:40 and we will reach back in 15 to 20 minutes. It will be 6:15. Dinner will take much time as well. Paey is the most beautiful place of Kaghan Valley and you must visit it. It is a family point. You can see Sharaan forest, Paras road, Makra Peak from here. Most of the time the place is covered with clouds. Luckily, it is a shiny day today. Now it's evening, I am alone here, people have started going back. I have stopped due to this cow and beautiful scene. I have also recorded a time-lapse. I don't feel like leaving this place. We are late because as soon as the Sun goes behind those mountains, there will be no evening here and night will fall. I have to leave now. We are the last tourists of Paey. I wish to give you a tip which I have faced today that if you are coming at the end of August when air is colder, do not wear cotton as tracking will cause sweat. Now the feel of air is colder.

 It is better to have a zipper, upper or hood. There are 2 paths to reach Paey. One is down here and the other is up there on the mountain. Hotel and washroom are on the upper side. If you want to go straight, you can go from this path. Normally people go from upside because they have to buy things and return from this one. We have reached back to Paey. We had ordered food and this brother was looking for us because we were the last tourists on this place. Here is half roast and half Karahi, with green chilies, sanitizer and water. Now there will be direct night instead of evening as the Sun disappears behind the mountains. Now we have to finish food but I feel like having tea, so let's have it. I hope you have understood! 

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Saying "I love you" - I love you lyrics - I love messages

Saying "I love you" - I love you lyrics - I love messages

I love you lyrics 

Saying "I love you" is considered one of the most important parts of a romantic relationship. Even if this sentence consists of only two words and thirteen letters, it is very valuable as it expresses the deep love you have for your loved ones. What will make this sentence more valuable will be to tell the person you love why you love it so much.

How Does?

Maybe you can tell your love for him with a short but sincere sentence, or perhaps with long sentences full of love. Whatever your way of telling your love, you can be sure that you will hit the hearts of the person you love with twelve with the emotional love messages we have listed below for you.

Short I Love You Lyrics

Never be in doubt about my love and loyalty to you. I love you much!

No matter how bad day I have, I forget everything when I see you. I love you!

Thank you for believing me and staying with me in any case, even when no one believes. I will always love you!

You don't have to worry about whether I will continue to love you. I will love you today, tomorrow and always!

They say that love and love are suffering. But I am ready to take this risk for you. Because I love you so much!

I can cross thousands of mountains to see your smile once. I love you so much my love!

Telling how and why I love you is like telling you how the taste of water is. So it's impossible!

Words just can't say how great he is. I love you!

Long I Love You Lyrics
When I look into your eyes, I feel as if you are looking deep into your soul. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world because I have established such a deep connection with you. I love you much!

They say we only fell in love once in our lifetime, but this is definitely a lie. Because every time I look at you, I fall in love over and over again. I love you, the love of my life!

It was destiny to meet you, being your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. So don't be mad at me because I love you uncontrollably. I can't help myself loving you!

I see you when I close my eyes. I see you again when I open my eyes. There is nothing I can do without thinking about you. You are in everything, my love, I love you so much!

If I could be anything, I would be your tear so I would be born in your eyes, lean down on your cheeks and die on your lips. I love you much!

I love you more than words can describe, express your feelings and guess.

Nobody loves me like you do. Nobody feels like you made me feel. I will love you all my life for giving me such good feelings!

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She's my guardian angel…- I love you

She's my guardian angel…

I love you

Some people expect a lifetime to find their soul mate. For Holly and Gerry, each other's childhood love, this is not the case. The harmony between them manifests itself almost as soon as they are born. The souls of the two speak the same language, they can make each other laugh even while fighting. No power in the world can separate them. Until one day, until death knocks on the doors ... But this is not the end, because there are ties that even death cannot dismantle.

I love you

Gerry leaves letters behind. Each of these letters was mailed to Holly to be opened one month after his death. As the months pass and letters open one by one, Holly's world begins to change. Family, friends, love and even death will form a harmonious picture in this new world ...

"They say true love won't die, but no one will listen to it. Note: I Love You is proof of why we should believe this word."

"For those who know what it means to lose loved ones… Happiness and heartbreak are together."
(From the Promotional Bulletin)

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Genuine Idea to Earn Money from Home for Females

Genuine Idea to Earn Money from Home for Females

Genuine Idea to Earn Money from Home for Females 

 Asalam o Alaikum and Welcome to Lifestyle Today's Video is very Different because i am not going to talk on weight los Today i am going to talk to all my sisters Those who want to make money from home easy and with Respect they want some work at home to meet their monthly expense So i have an idea for you all 

The reason behind doing this video is Women those who are financially dependent on their family members, their husband, brother or father It's ok to be dependent but they think of working to meet their small personal needs To work they need to go out do a job, sometime they have small kids or not permitted from family members to go out and work So i'll share an idea, very easy idea for females to make money sitting at home implementing on this idea you can easily make 25k to 30k per month with Respect what you need to do is to place a banner outside your house 

Clean fresh bread (Roti) is available here and put contact details under this banner You know if you only focus 10 to 15 families in your Area You can get order of  Approx. 150 Breads (Roti) and 150 Breads worth Rs. 1500 @ Rs. 10 per Bread and what is the expense of 150 Breads to make this you only need 7 to 8 KG of Flour It  means if 1 KG flour is worth Rs. 45 to 60 then you need Flour of  Rs. 200 to 300 and plus your own efforts required and yes if you are experiencing shortage of Stove Gas which now a days problem of every other house as there is a shortage of Gas in winters This can infect be beneficial for you Your area is facing shortage of gas and you have this banner placed outside your house

 People will eventually order you for fresh bread (Roti) You keep a small Commercial Gas Cylinder with you This will worth Rs. 100 to 200 for two hours stove burning you can easily make 150 Breads (Chapati in two Hour if you sell Bread (Chapati ) of Rs. 1500 Daily you can easily make Rs. 800 to 1000 means 25k to 30k per month remember the contact details you are writing on banner outside you will not  star processing orders untill you get full payment Many can call and give fake orders and de motivate your hardwork you can get fake orders you'll make it but no one will pick so always take full payment ir advance and work only for known people in your area do not entertain or open door for unknown people otherwise you will complain we got loss due to Khawar's Idea so Its a Simple idea you can make 25k to 30k sitting at home                                                         

9 Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money Fast

Small Business Ideas 

 Nearly two-thirds of Americans dream of openinga small business, so what's holding them back? What's holding you back? Many aspiring entrepreneurs simply don't knowwhere to start. If the idea of being your own boss appealsto you, but you don't have a good small business idea. I'm here to help.
Business Ideas

 The team at Fundera has helped thousands ofsmall businesses succeed across the country, and I've seen successful business owners innearly every industry. Today, I'm going to cover nine profitablesmall business ideas that don't take too much time or money to launch. Let's get started. Our first small business idea is podcasting. The best way to grab people's attention todayis with interesting on-demand content that fits a busy lifestyle. Podcasts are the perfect solution. More than 50% of Americans have listened toa podcast, with 90 million tuning in on a monthly basis. That's a huge potential audience.
And if you look around you'll see there'sreally no limit on topics that you can have a podcast about. For example, Casper Mattress’s “In YourDreams” podcast helps listeners interpret their dreams. Mastercard’s “Fortune Favors the Bold”discusses the future of money. Even the grocery store Trader Joes has a podcastexplaining what's behind their product development. Once you come up with a concept, getting startedin podcasting is easy and low cost.
 Just record your podcast episodes and uploadthem to a podcast hosting service like Buzzsprout or Podbean. Then, go out and get an audience by marketingyour podcast. Our second small business idea is real estateinvesting. Although the economy has its share of upsand downs, the value of real estate always tends to bounce back. In fact, over the last several years, realestate has outperformed stocks two to one in terms of annual returns. There are a bunch of ways to get involvedin real estate investing. You can buy property and rent out all or aportion of it. You can also fix and flip distressed homesor commercial properties. If you think you need a ton of money to invest,think again. You can get a mortgage loan for as littleas 3.5% down.
You can also pool money with other investorsas part of a real estate investment group or REIG for as little as $5,000. An REIG lets you invest money in a condo orapartment building and earn returns on a monthly basis. In some up and coming cities, the median priceof a home is relatively low. For example, the median home price in Arlington,Texas is just $240,000, but the city is experiencing healthy population and employment growth,making it a great place to invest in real estate. Our third small business idea is accounting,tax prep, and bookkeeping services. I know, way less glamorous than podcastingor becoming a real estate tycoon. But, this can be a very profitable businessidea for those of you who are good with numbers.
It can be helpful if you're already a certifiedpublic accountant, enrolled agent, or QuickBooks expert, but you don't have to be. In fact, there are short term training programsto teach you about accounting and taxes, and bookkeepers don't need a specific degree. You can also launch an accounting or bookkeepingbusiness without a lot of overhead expenses. All you need is a computer and some marketingspend to promote your services. Tax season is the busiest time of year foraccountants and bookkeepers, but the money you make during tax time can help you coveryour bills throughout the rest of the year. Not really a numbers person? Then consider our fourth small business idea,college admissions consultant. Getting into college has become increasinglycompetitive and expensive over time. Thirty years ago, only about half of highschool grads applied to college. Now, two-thirds of high school grads are applyingto college.
The cost of attending a public universityhas also increased more than 200% in the last 30 years given the increased competition andcost. Parents and students are hiring college consultantsto help them navigate the confusing admissions process. If you have a background in education or connectionswith local schools, starting a business in this field can be very lucrative. The average hourly fee for a college counseloris $200. You'll work directly with the student to assesstheir strengths, advise them on what colleges they should apply to, and review their collegeapplications and essays. Up next on our list of small business ideas? Starting a food truck. There are now over 4,000 food truck businessesin the U.S., and revenue is growing at an annual rate of around 8%, making this a veryprofitable business concept. 

Because of patchy state and local regulations,food trucks are definitely more popular in some parts of the country than others. Portland, Seattle, and DC are popular hotspotsfor food trucks. Starting a food truck requires a slightlylarger investment of capital than the other business ideas we've covered, but less thanyou might think, especially if you rent rather than buy a truck. Renting a food truck will cost about $2,000to $3,000 per month. Renting also allows you to test whether you'repassionate about running a food truck business. Starting a self-storage business is our sixthsmall business idea. People in densely-packed, expensive citieslike New York and Los Angeles are accustomed to paying a premium for storage spaces. Storage for personal items is actually a $38billion industry and one in 11 Americans pays to store their excess items. Launching this kind of business takes a sizableinvestment since warehouse space isn't cheap, even in small cities.
 But once you buy the space, you can rent itout and make a nice profit. As more millennials move to cities, and asmore baby boomers downsize their living spaces, you can count on this quickly becoming a veryprofitable business opportunity. Many entrepreneurs worry that their businesswill be booming...until the next recession comes around. Well, our seventh small business idea--eventplanning--is pretty recession proof. Even when the economy turns sour, people getmarried, have children, and throw parties, and they need event planners to help. The majority of today's event planning customersare young people who have grown up in an on-demand, connected world. The best way to build a business for yourselfin this industry is to make yourself easily available.
 Provide creative solutions, and position yourbrand on social media. Event planning is a pretty low overhead businessbecause you're working in the venue that your client provides, and you can factor the priceof materials and decorations into your cost. With the rise of ride sharing, restaurantdelivery, and grocery delivery, support Services for these industries are becoming importantbusinesses in their own right. Local messengers and courier services offeressential support services.
Most on-demand services need to rely on adelivery network that's broader and faster than the postal service, FedEx, or UPS canprovide, and that's where private couriers and messengers come into play.
Revenues in this industry are growing at 5%per year, and command a total of $107 billion in revenue. If you have a dependable mode of transportationand a cell phone, you can start a courier service. You could use a car or truck, but a scooteror bicycle is fine too if you're on a budget. Then, you just need to market your businessso that services in need of couriers know about you.
 Our final small business idea is interpretationand translation services. You might think that with online tools likeGoogle Translate and that the need for human translators is going down,but the reverse is actually true. What was already a $43 billion industry in2017 will grow to nearly a $48 billion industry in 2021, making this one of the most lucrativesmall business ideas. As the country becomes more diverse, the needfor professional translators is increasing in healthcare, law, finance, entertainment,education, and other industries.
A skilled freelance translator, particularlyone who is certified by the American Translators Association, can bring in six figures peryear. You can promote your services on freelancingwebsites, directly pitch your business to companies like Honda, Netflix, and Microsoft,or work with government agencies. And those are nine small business ideas thatcan quickly turn a profit. Check out for more businessinsights, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. 

Is FiveG technology harmful to health?

Is FiveG technology harmful to health?

Preparations are underway to introduce the fifth generation (5G) mobile phone network, not only in Germany but around the world. Learn about the effects of mobile phone radiation on human health, especially on children.

The fifth generation of the mobile phone network, the Five G, will use high frequency and bandwidth. This will allow users to download and upload data many times faster than in the past. This technology can transmit ten gigabytes per second.

Until now, frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 6 GHz were used for GNets, but now the Five G uses frequencies between 28 and 100 GHz. By comparison, this means that 4G Internet was ten times faster than 3G, but FiveG will work a thousand times faster than 4G. Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson estimates that by 2024, 40% of the world's population will use FiveG technology.

Should we be worried?

Recently, about 250 scientists from around the world filed a petition at the United Nations, which was also signed by the World Health Organization (WHO). In it, experts warn that radiation emitted from a smartphone or radio antenna produces an electromagnetic field (EMF), which increases the risk of cancer. "Its effects include increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, expulsion of dangerous molecules, genetic damage, changes in the structure and function of the reproductive system, impairment in learning and memory," the warning said. It also includes the fact that radiation from mobile phones affects human behavior as well as the nervous system.


Scientists have warned that not only humans but also animals and plants are being affected by electromagnetic radiation. Sarah Dryson is involved in the field of electromagnetism and environmental compatibility at the famous Aachen University in Germany. He cited an American study that found that rats were exposed to an electromagnetic field for about nine hours a day for two years. In two years, the rats' nervous system, brain, heart and reproductive system underwent changes.

Talking to DW, he added, "If the waves were even stronger in millimeters, as is happening in the Five G, the situation would be more serious than ever." Warn of the dangers posed. Children's skulls are smaller and their bones are weaker, so these rays have a greater effect on them.

In Germany, meanwhile, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BFS) has called for basic research into the dangers of FiveG technology to human health, as it could soon be introduced in the country. Will

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Siraj Ul Din Zafar

Siraj Ul Din Zafar

It will be new for my friends that the immortal poet of our time, Anwar Shoor, is a regular student of Sirajuddin Zafar. Who can doubt the greatness of a teacher whose disciple is so perfect?
Sirajuddin Zafar

Sirajuddin Zafar is my favorite poet. A collection of poems 'Ghazal and Ghazal' is the guarantor of his eternal life in Urdu literature. Speaking of a unique accent, there is hardly a better example than Sirajuddin Zafar. Like Aziz Hamid Madani, Zafar is also a poet of poets. His grasp on the language and art of poetry is hardly seen in the Urdu ghazals of the last fifty years.

When his seemingly ridiculous poetry unravels its mysteries, the reader is stunned. Poetry, artistic perfection, aesthetics, lyricism, mysticism, symbolism, essay writing, what is not present in his short Diwan. Such a tone and power of speech that just Subhan Allah ...
It will be new for many friends that the immortal poet of our time Anwar Shoor is a regular student of Sirajuddin Zafar.

Who can doubt the greatness of a teacher whose disciple is so perfect?
Below is an introduction to them, and then a selection of words.

Sirajuddin Zafar was born on March 5 in Jhelum. He did BA from FC College, Lahore and then LLB from Punjab University. He had a passion for aviation since childhood, and was the youngest licensed pilot in undivided India.

He started his professional life as a lawyer, but soon got a commission in the Pakistan Air Force. After his retirement from the Pakistan Air Force, he became associated with Feroz Sons Limited, a leading printing and publishing company.

Zafar Sahib authored or compiled at least forty textbooks in English, Urdu, and history that have been on the list of approved textbooks in every part of Pakistan for years.

Ghazal and Ghazal is his only collection of poetry that has been published for over forty years, and is no longer available in the market. In this sense, this post is a special thing for friends. Zafar Sahib also wrote poetry in English and his poems have found a place in international literary journals. In addition to poetry, he had a special interest in history, philosophy, astrology and spirituality.

"> It is like alchemy

> No wine like Ishq-e-Mustafa

The one from whose pleasure blossoms the bud of perception

The one whose name is like Naseem-e-Gara Kush

In the talisman of life, she is the mirror of love

Like a friend in the sanctuary of the Throne

The one whose passion was the cause of the awakening of the world

> The one who was determined like the constitution of evolution

The one whose chain of existence is Uber-e-Goharbar

- "> He whose hand is like the source of the gift

In the desolate ruins of autumn, that spring blossoms

- "> Like the flame of survival in the desert of annihilation

That is the design of the throne, the floor, the time and the place

According to the beginning, it is like the end

Basit whose glory, from pregnancy to the table

The environment whose happiness is like the letter of Sama

Honored humanity in his footsteps

This handful of dust also became strong, like Saha

The beauty of his hearing was a special miracle

That book is like a prescription for healing

He was the beauty of Lam Yazli

This secret is like an open relationship with us

Without the love of Muhammad, he could not open up to anyone

Caste codes, that are like Gasoya Dota

Ghazal path in praise of the Prophet in Riyadh

Gone are the days of dancing, like Ahoye Saba

Don't ask for the miracle of Madhat-e-Sheh-e-Kunin

Murray is in the pen, like Huma on the move

Zafar with the beauty of Muhammad's radiance

The mind is like a majestic throne

.................................................. ........


On the other hand, she was late in the day of resurrection

From there, the children ran and did everything

When it comes to competition, get away from us

Respect bad circulation

There is a living bride waiting for us

There will also be organizations of colors and smells

We used to make ascetic clothes

It was repaired in a vein

God is witness that we are the Lord

Just a little more if you dare

Children, don't touch the new spring, that we

Qudh was in a bad mood

The crowd of Venus was so vast that the world of mysteries

We've come to where the colors and smells are

We have persecuted them on the veil of mystery

That the age of Khidr will pass away

We were where we were last night with someone, that people

Wandering like Saba, who was searching

Spring night was not so long that we

They used to estimate the wet spring

The one who opens on our fault is your hair, then we

Naseem used to speak in the morning tone

We will pass through here with Bihar

Searching for the Ghazals of Ghazal Bin

The dark side of the hypocrites was unbearable

He used to perform Wudhu with a thousand Kausar and Tasnim

They are clear that we are even jurists of the city

Do the fairy tales that talk

Zafar Dilbaran is being called the circle of the night

It would have been nice if we could have dreamed of it

.................................................. ............................


We kept opening the illusion of the call of the night

Keep weighing them in the balance

The reflection of beauty was also what, for a long time

The mirrors kept talking like the moon

Last night in our hands as long as Subu

Mysteries kept weighing in mystery

What was the solution to life's problems?

Like someone's locks kept unraveling

Every night was a dark night but with alcohol

We kept mingling in it the light of eternity

Don't be afraid of us

Which city of Dilbari kept speaking languages?

Last night there were some new ghazals

We also weighed them in sight

Until the morning, Gabriel had memorized word for word

The nights we talked in Surrey

There were so many stories in a jiffy that we

Keep opening a new office every night

Last night the Maxx balanced