Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Genuine Idea to Earn Money from Home for Females

Genuine Idea to Earn Money from Home for Females 

 Asalam o Alaikum and Welcome to Lifestyle Today's Video is very Different because i am not going to talk on weight los Today i am going to talk to all my sisters Those who want to make money from home easy and with Respect they want some work at home to meet their monthly expense So i have an idea for you all 

The reason behind doing this video is Women those who are financially dependent on their family members, their husband, brother or father It's ok to be dependent but they think of working to meet their small personal needs To work they need to go out do a job, sometime they have small kids or not permitted from family members to go out and work So i'll share an idea, very easy idea for females to make money sitting at home implementing on this idea you can easily make 25k to 30k per month with Respect what you need to do is to place a banner outside your house 

Clean fresh bread (Roti) is available here and put contact details under this banner You know if you only focus 10 to 15 families in your Area You can get order of  Approx. 150 Breads (Roti) and 150 Breads worth Rs. 1500 @ Rs. 10 per Bread and what is the expense of 150 Breads to make this you only need 7 to 8 KG of Flour It  means if 1 KG flour is worth Rs. 45 to 60 then you need Flour of  Rs. 200 to 300 and plus your own efforts required and yes if you are experiencing shortage of Stove Gas which now a days problem of every other house as there is a shortage of Gas in winters This can infect be beneficial for you Your area is facing shortage of gas and you have this banner placed outside your house

 People will eventually order you for fresh bread (Roti) You keep a small Commercial Gas Cylinder with you This will worth Rs. 100 to 200 for two hours stove burning you can easily make 150 Breads (Chapati in two Hour if you sell Bread (Chapati ) of Rs. 1500 Daily you can easily make Rs. 800 to 1000 means 25k to 30k per month remember the contact details you are writing on banner outside you will not  star processing orders untill you get full payment Many can call and give fake orders and de motivate your hardwork you can get fake orders you'll make it but no one will pick so always take full payment ir advance and work only for known people in your area do not entertain or open door for unknown people otherwise you will complain we got loss due to Khawar's Idea so Its a Simple idea you can make 25k to 30k sitting at home