Sunday, 26 July 2020

She's my guardian angel…- I love you

She's my guardian angel…

I love you

Some people expect a lifetime to find their soul mate. For Holly and Gerry, each other's childhood love, this is not the case. The harmony between them manifests itself almost as soon as they are born. The souls of the two speak the same language, they can make each other laugh even while fighting. No power in the world can separate them. Until one day, until death knocks on the doors ... But this is not the end, because there are ties that even death cannot dismantle.

I love you

Gerry leaves letters behind. Each of these letters was mailed to Holly to be opened one month after his death. As the months pass and letters open one by one, Holly's world begins to change. Family, friends, love and even death will form a harmonious picture in this new world ...

"They say true love won't die, but no one will listen to it. Note: I Love You is proof of why we should believe this word."

"For those who know what it means to lose loved ones… Happiness and heartbreak are together."
(From the Promotional Bulletin)