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Siraj Ul Din Zafar

Siraj Ul Din Zafar

It will be new for my friends that the immortal poet of our time, Anwar Shoor, is a regular student of Sirajuddin Zafar. Who can doubt the greatness of a teacher whose disciple is so perfect?
Sirajuddin Zafar

Sirajuddin Zafar is my favorite poet. A collection of poems 'Ghazal and Ghazal' is the guarantor of his eternal life in Urdu literature. Speaking of a unique accent, there is hardly a better example than Sirajuddin Zafar. Like Aziz Hamid Madani, Zafar is also a poet of poets. His grasp on the language and art of poetry is hardly seen in the Urdu ghazals of the last fifty years.

When his seemingly ridiculous poetry unravels its mysteries, the reader is stunned. Poetry, artistic perfection, aesthetics, lyricism, mysticism, symbolism, essay writing, what is not present in his short Diwan. Such a tone and power of speech that just Subhan Allah ...
It will be new for many friends that the immortal poet of our time Anwar Shoor is a regular student of Sirajuddin Zafar.

Who can doubt the greatness of a teacher whose disciple is so perfect?
Below is an introduction to them, and then a selection of words.

Sirajuddin Zafar was born on March 5 in Jhelum. He did BA from FC College, Lahore and then LLB from Punjab University. He had a passion for aviation since childhood, and was the youngest licensed pilot in undivided India.

He started his professional life as a lawyer, but soon got a commission in the Pakistan Air Force. After his retirement from the Pakistan Air Force, he became associated with Feroz Sons Limited, a leading printing and publishing company.

Zafar Sahib authored or compiled at least forty textbooks in English, Urdu, and history that have been on the list of approved textbooks in every part of Pakistan for years.

Ghazal and Ghazal is his only collection of poetry that has been published for over forty years, and is no longer available in the market. In this sense, this post is a special thing for friends. Zafar Sahib also wrote poetry in English and his poems have found a place in international literary journals. In addition to poetry, he had a special interest in history, philosophy, astrology and spirituality.

"> It is like alchemy

> No wine like Ishq-e-Mustafa

The one from whose pleasure blossoms the bud of perception

The one whose name is like Naseem-e-Gara Kush

In the talisman of life, she is the mirror of love

Like a friend in the sanctuary of the Throne

The one whose passion was the cause of the awakening of the world

> The one who was determined like the constitution of evolution

The one whose chain of existence is Uber-e-Goharbar

- "> He whose hand is like the source of the gift

In the desolate ruins of autumn, that spring blossoms

- "> Like the flame of survival in the desert of annihilation

That is the design of the throne, the floor, the time and the place

According to the beginning, it is like the end

Basit whose glory, from pregnancy to the table

The environment whose happiness is like the letter of Sama

Honored humanity in his footsteps

This handful of dust also became strong, like Saha

The beauty of his hearing was a special miracle

That book is like a prescription for healing

He was the beauty of Lam Yazli

This secret is like an open relationship with us

Without the love of Muhammad, he could not open up to anyone

Caste codes, that are like Gasoya Dota

Ghazal path in praise of the Prophet in Riyadh

Gone are the days of dancing, like Ahoye Saba

Don't ask for the miracle of Madhat-e-Sheh-e-Kunin

Murray is in the pen, like Huma on the move

Zafar with the beauty of Muhammad's radiance

The mind is like a majestic throne

.................................................. ........


On the other hand, she was late in the day of resurrection

From there, the children ran and did everything

When it comes to competition, get away from us

Respect bad circulation

There is a living bride waiting for us

There will also be organizations of colors and smells

We used to make ascetic clothes

It was repaired in a vein

God is witness that we are the Lord

Just a little more if you dare

Children, don't touch the new spring, that we

Qudh was in a bad mood

The crowd of Venus was so vast that the world of mysteries

We've come to where the colors and smells are

We have persecuted them on the veil of mystery

That the age of Khidr will pass away

We were where we were last night with someone, that people

Wandering like Saba, who was searching

Spring night was not so long that we

They used to estimate the wet spring

The one who opens on our fault is your hair, then we

Naseem used to speak in the morning tone

We will pass through here with Bihar

Searching for the Ghazals of Ghazal Bin

The dark side of the hypocrites was unbearable

He used to perform Wudhu with a thousand Kausar and Tasnim

They are clear that we are even jurists of the city

Do the fairy tales that talk

Zafar Dilbaran is being called the circle of the night

It would have been nice if we could have dreamed of it

.................................................. ............................


We kept opening the illusion of the call of the night

Keep weighing them in the balance

The reflection of beauty was also what, for a long time

The mirrors kept talking like the moon

Last night in our hands as long as Subu

Mysteries kept weighing in mystery

What was the solution to life's problems?

Like someone's locks kept unraveling

Every night was a dark night but with alcohol

We kept mingling in it the light of eternity

Don't be afraid of us

Which city of Dilbari kept speaking languages?

Last night there were some new ghazals

We also weighed them in sight

Until the morning, Gabriel had memorized word for word

The nights we talked in Surrey

There were so many stories in a jiffy that we

Keep opening a new office every night

Last night the Maxx balanced