Monday, 3 August 2020

Naran Kaghan Trip | Shogran Siri Paye | Travel Pakistan -

Naran Kaghan 

 In 'Amazing Naran Series, I'll take you to Kaghan Valley. Shogran and Siri Paey are the most famour tourist spots of Kaghan Valley. Kaghan is 260km far from Islamabad. For Shogran and Siri Paey, you have to turn right from Kiwai, 37km before Naran. 
Naran Kaghan

Assalam o Alaikum, new episode of Grip on Trip, new journey which is of Naran this time. We will cover Shogran, Siri Paey and Saif ul Malook. We may not be able to visit Jalkhad, Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top as the road might be in bad condition due to land sliding, last month. But we must visit Shogran, Siri Paey and Saif ul Malook I am at Mansehra bypass which offers city view. We stopped here to get a sheet cover for our vehicle. 

Naran Pakistan

Weather is pleasant and sunshine is not disturbing. We were enjoying city view from here. Mansehra bypass is a great blessing and you must use it because you get stuck if you enter Mansehra city. You also stuck on bypass but it is comparatively better. I have reached Balakot, a major city of Mansehra region. After Naran, Kaghan, river Kunhar flows through the city of Mansehra and merges into River Jehlum. I am at Balakot bridge.

 The brakes of our vehicles are not working properly, we have to ascend to Shogran so the driver has gone to fix the brakes. Balakot is a big city which was demolished to a great extent in 2005 earthquake. The city is almost new built. We will reach Kiwai in 40 minutes and then we will go to Shogran. We have to look for a hotel in Shogran and we have planned to visit Siri Paye today. Balakot offers beautiful scene in the midst of lush green mountains. Balakot is lucky that great personality like Syed Ahmad Shaheed was born here. 
Naran Kaghan 

Your real trip starts as you cross famous Balakot bridge. Scene changes suddenly and river Kunhar starts flowing at the level of the road and sometimes goes so deep. If it disappears, it makes its presence felt by its noise. It is considered the busiest tourist road of Pakistan. Kiwai is 23km away from Balakot which takes an hour. Kiwai itself is a big picnic spot. You turn right to reach Shogran which is 7.5km away. The update is that the road which leads to Shogran from Kiwai is 7.5km long and this vehicle cannot reach there. It used to reach previously but the road is depleted. It is an Auto vehicle so we are not taking chance. I have consulted with some locals and they have advised me to hire a jeep as our vehicle can cause issue on our way back. For the safer end, we will shift our luggage into jeeps and will go to 7.5km up to Shogran. We have booked a hotel there. If you are not an expert driver, do not take chance. Road is high and dangerous. Jeep charges Rs.1500. It'll take you to Shogran in 35 to 40 minutes.

 Most of the tourists park their vehicles at Kawai and hire jeeps. That red and orange resort is Chinar Resort. It is Sharaan Forest point. That zigzag road is jeep track. Jeep takes you from Paras to Chinar Resort in 2 hours. You can book it online, they have a Facebook page. Musa Ka Musalla track starts from this point. Those clouds on right side are over Musa Ka Musalla. It is on equal height of Paey. Shogran is very beautiful spot of Kaghan Valley.

Kaghan Valley

 It is known for its weather and natural beauty. Shogran offers views of unbelievably beautiful places like Musa Ka Musalla, Siri Paey and Sharaan. That's why lawns of all hotels of Shogran are so vast so that tourist may enjoy the scenes of these places. You can find a room from Rs.3000 to Rs.25000. There's TDCP motel as well, you've to book in advance. Mobile signals and jeeps are available anytime. I have reached Shogran from Kiwai in 25 minutes. The plan is to visit Siri Paey and road is rough tough. It will take almost 45 minutes. We have limited time. Because it's 3 o'clock and we have to reach there and then move forward to the point. So we are in a hurry. Siri Paey is not too far but it is rough and tough very dangerous route. Shogran is situated on a height of 7,750 feet and Siri Paey is about 10,032 feet high. It means we have to travel towards height now. We are going from Shogran to Siri Paey. This video must be telling you the state of the road, I think I don't need tell you myself. Jeep track is of 45 minutes. We are near Siri now. We will reach Paey after 20 minutes. We are very hungry so we will have food first as we have little time of 2 to 2.30 hours and we have to reach Paey and have food. We'll return before (dusk) Inshallah. You have to travel through jungle where monkeys and leopards live which are seen by the tourists sometimes. There are many restaurants of good food where jeep drops you in Paey. Washroom and tent village are also available but no hotel is there. After tracking 15 to 20 minutes, you find this view after crossing those trees and peak which I showed you. I have reached Paey after a hard and difficult journey. Journey was troublesome but the sight of destination has compensated it well. Subhan Allah! What a beautiful scene it is! That is Shogran in front of us. Those are TDCP Resorts and Pine Park Hotels. I hope you can see them. There were many hotels where jeep dropped us. This is a beautiful flowery place with pin-drop silence. We will walk to 10 to 15 minutes more and we will find a tiny lake there. What you can see behind me is a beautiful tiny lake which is called 'Paey Lake.' It should not be called a lake because if Saif ul Malook. Kachora, Sadpara get to know about it, they will mind it. It is 10,500 feet above sea level. A little walk has left me out of breath. On this height it'll take time to stable. Your are watching a small lake of Paey behind me. Allah's beautiful nature is spread all around and it is providing tranquility and peace to soul. Quietness has added to the feeling of calmness. You can hear the sound of animals' grazing grass. People who say Pakistan is not in shortage of artists, look here, some artist has exhibited his art. Rather it seems to be an art of some heart broken artist.

 I walked for 5 minutes and reached Paey Meadows. Cows and goats are grazing and the bell around their necks is creating an amazing sound in pin drop silence. A crow's caw touches your ears after some time. Locals were playing cards, I asked them that why here is no rush of people, they told me that when schools start, season comes to an end. Now it is dead end, I will return from this point. It is 5:40 and we will reach back in 15 to 20 minutes. It will be 6:15. Dinner will take much time as well. Paey is the most beautiful place of Kaghan Valley and you must visit it. It is a family point. You can see Sharaan forest, Paras road, Makra Peak from here. Most of the time the place is covered with clouds. Luckily, it is a shiny day today. Now it's evening, I am alone here, people have started going back. I have stopped due to this cow and beautiful scene. I have also recorded a time-lapse. I don't feel like leaving this place. We are late because as soon as the Sun goes behind those mountains, there will be no evening here and night will fall. I have to leave now. We are the last tourists of Paey. I wish to give you a tip which I have faced today that if you are coming at the end of August when air is colder, do not wear cotton as tracking will cause sweat. Now the feel of air is colder.

 It is better to have a zipper, upper or hood. There are 2 paths to reach Paey. One is down here and the other is up there on the mountain. Hotel and washroom are on the upper side. If you want to go straight, you can go from this path. Normally people go from upside because they have to buy things and return from this one. We have reached back to Paey. We had ordered food and this brother was looking for us because we were the last tourists on this place. Here is half roast and half Karahi, with green chilies, sanitizer and water. Now there will be direct night instead of evening as the Sun disappears behind the mountains. Now we have to finish food but I feel like having tea, so let's have it. I hope you have understood!