Sunday, 15 November 2020

Million Maga March 2020 Live Streaming Crowed

 Million Maga March Live Streaming 2020 Crowed

Freedom plaza tonight still no facts to back them up.

Charlotte, this would have been the perfect place to reveal
Any of that evidence with the world watching and the president.

Million Maga March Live Streaming Crowed

Himself making an appearance.  Let's pay close attention here.
Let's see who gets out of thee vehicles.

Smiling and two thumbs up, 
But the president continuing onward to his golf course in virginia rather than staying
With supporters.

Million Maga March 2020 Live Streaming Crowed

 The million maga march filled three city blocks among the organizers, women for trump.

It was a call for a second trump administration. 
One that could be heard fm high above.
Here, we've seen the crowd leave freedom plaza eventually meeting up with the u.S. Supreme court Authorities in Million Maga March 2020 Live Streaming Crowed  said they're not going to give any kind of credit
And at this point, no arrests.

Legal challenges that could potentially affect the race he come nowhere close. 
 Only hours earlier, a judge rejected all five trump lawsuit 
Claiming voter fraud in philadelphia.

 The homeland security agency said, this was the most secure election in u.S. History. 

President trump supporters march on as the nation comes closer to a new president.
We got word for metropolin police that officers have 10 people for minor assault charges.
Law enforcement will be keeping.

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